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Natural slate flexible film

LayStone® are 100% natural slate sheets suitable for wall and roof cladding both indoors and outdoors.


LayStone® is available in sheets of 1220 x 610 mm and has a thickness of between 1.00 and 2.00 mm. It is an extremely lightweight material, weighing only between 1.30 and 1.60 kg/m².

Its base is made of composites reinforced with fibreglass, which makes LayStone® a highly flexible material capable of being moulded to create curved finishes. Given its strength and versatility, it is a product suitable for both exteriors and interiors and has a high resistance to erosion.


LayStone® is represented by a wide variety of models suitable for any environment you can imagine, whether in new buildings or renovations.

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· Clean system

Due to the compactness of the material, no debris is produced.


· Fast

Once the LayStone Glue® adhesive has been spread on the surface to be coated, the LayStone® sheets can be quickly installed.


· Suitable for indoor - outdoor use

Thanks to its durability, LayStone® is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


- Applicable on any surface

LayStone® can be laid on any type of properly smoothed curved or flat surface.


· Applicable on any material

LayStone® can be laid on any material commonly used in construction.


· We stand by you

We have a team of specialist technical advisors and tools for LayStone® installation.

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Certified system

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decoración con laystone
decoración con laystone dormitorio
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